Saturday, June 2, 2012

Trecitas en La Vega

"Eres protagonista de pinturas y poemas. Responsable de embellecer todo el entorno. Nativo de Madagascar, tus flores de color entre rojo y naranja definen tu belleza, y son capaces de despertar los más hermosos comentarios."- Trencitas

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trencitas y su maquina de tiempo.

In development phase... Trencitas lives in a world just a little different from ours, she's a young Ciguapa coming of age. One day Trencitas receives a visit by Kure, the most powerful Galipote. Trencitas receives the power to time travel in the island of Quisqueya. She's never been away from her loving town of Yasica, the last place on the island where Ciguapas still roam. Beyond the village of Yasica there are humans and many other challenges to face. With her gift of time travel Trencitas sets out to find her own way.